13 VULTURES


In the fall of 1948, Leonard Burnfield and his family migrated to this area from Germany. Burnfield invested his family’s savings and started working the land on their tiny farm. Burnfield and his family were good at their trade and earned a decent living for some time. However, the Burnfield sons, Bo, and Lester, had other ideas. When they were older, they decided to take a different path in life. Bo wanted to go into the meat processing business, so he became a butcher. Lester, on the other hand, had a strange interest in death. He went to mortuary school and became a mortician. When the elder Burnfields became too old to work the farm, the boys decided it was time to take over. Lester converted the family house into a funeral parlor, and Bo built his dream butcher shop in the remodeled barn. The Burnfield farm filled the conversations at the local coffee shops. Talk of mistreatment of corpses, unprofessional service, and strange smells coming from the farm led to lots of rumors. People complained of strange tasting “steaks” and unusual cuts of meat bought at Bo’s shop. There was even a rumor that there was a special exit built from the funeral home right onto the processing floor of the meat shop. Business eventually became so slow that the brothers had to close down. There were rumors that the boys were still working from time to time, and stories about strange creatures roaming the woods behind the house were always being told. Then, on a foggy cool morning, news spread that the Burnfield boys had been found dead. They didn't have much outside contact, so no one knew about the grisly deaths until a flock of 13 vultures was noticed perched on the farmhouse. They had been feeding on the remains of the brothers, who had been torn apart by what appeared to be some sort of animal. To this day, people say you can still hear the unearthly howls of unknown creatures, and see shadowy figures moving about the farm at night. It is said that anyone who passes through the gates, takes a chance on never returning. Do you dare enter?



The Funeral Home

Tour the house where Lester Burnfield lived and worked. Visit the parlor, the prep room, the coffin displays, and the crematorium. But beware, rumors abound about the strange activity that still persists on dark lonely nights. Some say the spirits of Lester and his victims still roam the old house, terrifying anyone brave enough to venture past the front door. It is said that the undead have taken up residence here. Perhaps a remnant of the evil that the Burnfields surrounded themselves with. Evil attracts evil, so who knows what wicked powers have been unleashed here. Whatever the case, beware.


The Butcher Shop

Get a look inside the shop where Bo Burnfield practiced his sadistic trade.  It is said that the butchers are still at work here. That they are still preying on unsuspecting travelers and trespassers. It is very possible based on the screams of pain heard on moonlit nights.  Do you dare see for yourself?


The Cemetery

This ancient graveyard is the resting place for the Burnfield family, as well as many of the victims of their cruelty. It is said that the dead don’t rest here, often seen strolling among the tombstones on still gray nights. Perhaps searching for some sort of vengeance for their horrific deaths. If you are kind to the long dead caretaker, maybe he will show you the way through safely.


The Woods

Take a stroll through a wooded swamp area where your nightmares come true. Inbred hillbillies, witches, and strange human plant hybrids have adapted well to the woods. But for the average person, it might be too much to deal with.


The Hillbillies

In the early seventies, a family of hillbillies passed through the area on their way to California.They were driving an old school bus, that broke down and ended up in front of the Burnfield house. Since the house seemed empty, the occupants made their self at home on the “back forty” of the property. They pushed the raggedy old bus into the trees and just stayed. They pretty much lived off the land and made moonshine whiskey to make a few extra dollars. Since then, any time a drifter or homeless person comes up missing, it’s always written off as " the hillbillies did it” and case closed. People always accused the vagrants, but there was never enough evidence to press charges.  The leader of the bunch, an old bearded curmudgeon with a parasitic twin attached to his side, was said to be crazy. People say the twin tells him to do evil things, and he does.  The moral of the story, if you happen to stroll past a faded school bus that looks like a family is living in it, BEWARE.



The Cornfield

This part of the property was used to grow corn. No one knows much about the farmer because he stays pretty much to himself. It is said that he talks to his plants, and that he does strange experiments involving corn genetics. It is supposedly inhabited by scarecrows, as well as a living breathing cornstalk.


The Vegetable stand

Possessed Pete’s Putrid Produce is a small roadside stand where you can see the results of the Burnfield farm. Rotten pumpkins and corrupt corn are just two of the many weird varieties of produce you can find here. But, beware the owner. They say he is actually a scarecrow that only shows his true identity in October.




The Sunflower Field

This field has been allowed to go fallow, and the sunflowers and other wild plants have taken over, No one knows what kind of creatures might be living here, so watch where you’re going.



The Repair Shop


A weird guy named Leroy has opened a little shop here, He repairs lawn mowers, weed eaters and other small engine equipment. His specialty though, is chainsaws.





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