We started 13 Vultures Haunted Estate in 2015. We felt the Big Country needed a haunted attraction that would compare to the professional haunts in larger cities. 13 Vultures is not as big and hi tech as some of the multi million dollar haunts, but we feel like we give you a fair helping of professional scares and high quality props and scenes. We have numerous animatronics, detailed scenes, and professional designs throughout the property. We also have quality makeup and costumes, as well as talented, dedicated actors to fill the roles of our monsters and assorted creeps. We try to change up the scenes and storylines at least every couple of years, sometimes more often than that. As you walk through the haunt, pay close attention to the details that we put into our props and room designs. We think you will be impressed. We are always open to suggestions as to how we can make the haunt better. If you have ideas or comments, feel free to drop us a line on our contact page, or visit our facebook page. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website, and please, come see us at the haunt. We'll scare the yell out of you.


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